Werlwind's Nor'Easter Storm "Stormee"

Whether you are considering adopting a Bernese Puppy or have decided that a Bernese is the right breed for you and your family -- I am sure you are wondering “What is the next step?” Below are some things to consider and of course --- What to do next.

Be sure you have done your research and know all about Berners. This is important for anyone adopting any breed. Most dogs that are euthanized are euthanized for reasons that would be avoided had those folks done their research. To find out all about Bernese you can go to our links page. There are many many other resources on the internet and there are a lot of books that have been written on Bernese.

So you have done your research and you know that the life span of a Berner as a large breed dog is not long lifespan. For us one day with any one of our Berners is worth it, though we will not settle for anything less than many years with our dogs. You know that shedding and a great deal of Berner hair will be everywhere in your home. You know that Bernese do not do well living in kennels and are a breed that does well as an active member of your family. You know that adopting a puppy is the cheapest part of bringing a Berner into your family. Not only will you now have normal puppy expenses, but you may take out the carpet and opt for hardwoods or tile “to keep the Berner cool”. You may opt to get a larger vehicle for “the dog”. You will get a better camera “for those ohhh so cute puppy pictures”. Of course, you will add air conditioning “for the comfort of the dog”. Oh, and you know we have one dog who got a new house and big backyard, because her other house had a large pool in the backyard and she did not have any place to play…………..

Convinced that a Berner is the perfect dog --- the next step is finding a breeder that you can work with. Werlwind Bernese is a 24/7 support for you and your dog. If you need us we are here to help with our beloved puppies. We are an extended family of Berner owners, we share resources and that is a valuable commodity. If you need a vet, puppy school or advice on any training issues, etc. you have a wealth of information in Werlwind Bernese puppy owners. With your puppy you will receive the Ultimate Puppy Tool Kit to read before bringing your puppy home. We share equipment ideas and where to find the best products for the least amount of money. We have on hand advice from our Pet’s First Dog Food Distributor who is always available to help with any food related issues.

We encourage you to come meet us, meet our dogs. The tool we use to keep track of families who would like to adopt one of our puppies is our Adoption Form. By sending us the form you will be kept apprised of when litters are expected. We encourage you to stay in touch with us and schedule an appointment to meet us.  We schedule appointments every few months.  We also encourage you to meet us at events.  By getting to know us, and us getting to know you, you will find your perfect puppy before you know it.

We realize that waiting is a very hard thing to do, but rest assured that the perfect puppy will come, sooner than you think, most times!

We look forward to meeting you and your family. Please take a look at all the links we have referred to on our links page.

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