Werlwind's Dazzling Summers Breeze

My Marusha

Fondly Called Mooshy

Cloudee & Marusha

December 19, 2009 - March 5, 2011

For the Love of One Very Special Puppy
Gone to Young
Forever Held In My Heart

Fourteen months and fifteen days ago I was lucky enough to have stumbled onto the end of a rainbow and I found a fluffy berner puppy who was my shiny pot ‘o gold. She brightened up every place she went, she made friends everywhere and there wasn’t a visitor to the farm who did not ask to take her with them. She was my bright shining star, the one you always find when you look up into the night sky.

The character that came with that loveable puppy was one that fit instantly into our dog house and not once did she ever realize that she was the bottom dog. She and I adored each other and she fit into the pack with ease. She played and was so loved by all the dogs. She loved to box at me with her big ole paws when I came home from work and she was always close by me.

She was stunningly beautiful with the heart of gold and sweat as American Honey. I held her for her first breath and I held her for her last breath. When I left her, I told her to be brave and we rubbed noses and she gave me those kisses she would always give me on my nose and her tail wagged. The battle she had been fighting just did not give us enough time. The hour glass ran out of sand.

Dearest Marusha Marie,

I will forever have such a sense of having failed you, though I know sometimes the mysteries of our being are such that they hide and do not surface until it is too late, I wish with all my heart and soul that we had a different outcome. I have spent hours looking at all your photos and know you are here close by. You made such a difference and you will be always remembered and always treasured in my heart. Oh Mooshy Bear….I love you so much baby girl.

Thank you Anne and Greg for sharing Abbot with me and allowing me to have such a wonderful gift in Moosh..
Always in my heart Moosh………

Marusha died from complications of a liver shunt.
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