Werlwind's First Three

We are very proud to have all of our puppy owners doing x-rays on hips and elbows when the dogs are 24 months old. Dogs considered in our breeding program are x-rayed for preliminary results prior to 24 months of age to ensure future planned puppies. All parents are Von Willebrand’s clear either themselves or through their clear parents. All Werlwind puppies have eye and heart examinations. All dogs in our breeding program also have a DNA profile. You may go to www.offa.org or www.bernergarde.org to obtain more details on each dog we have produced. As you see on our pages our litter data is included with each litter and more detailed information can be found in Bernergarde. 

Smelling the Flowers

BREEDING: The dogs in my program are chosen as a result of “litter evaluations”. Litter evaluations are evaluations of an entire litter of puppies. This essentially means that the whole litter was evaluated for passing hips and elbows, and other health issues, temperament, type and working ability. All puppies in my program will go through an initial litter evaluation process prior to adoption and a follow up evaluation around 2 years of age to see how we did. It is important to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of my program for future generations of Werlwind Bernese.

MISSION STATEMENT: My breeding program is devoted to ongoing education about the breed and continually gathering information for the betterment of the breed. Honesty about the weaknesses and concerns within the breed as well as within my own dogs is openly shared and can be accessed in open data bases. My commitment is to help potential puppy owners find a breeder that they can work with throughout the life of the dog. It is as important to find a breeder who can become a friend, as it is to find the type of Bernese you are looking for. The breeder is your best resource and you must feel comfortable with the relationship with your breeder.