Lil Red Cloud

Werlwind's Now N Forever



DOB: June 15, 2007
AKC – WS2268302 & CKC - 1102152
Hips – Good & Elbows – Normal
Heart – Normal & Von Willebrands – Clear Parents
Eyes – Clear & DNA Profile V536533

Young Cloudee

Cloud is our pack leader and an active dog in our program. Cloud is one of the greatest momma dogs I have had the pleasure of having. She is very responsive to her pups and can be snuggled up with me on the sofa, with one ear always listening to her pups. She is very interactive with them and will not only teach and discipline, but also she enjoys playing with them.

When my little "Red Cloud" was born, I knew she was special. From day one she reminded me of her grandma dog, Windee. I recently found myself locked in Cloud's gaze and I smiled and was flooded with a happy feeling and then………I realized it was not Windee, it was Cloudee and we both smiled. The resemblance is very special to me. When Windee died, at almost 12 years old, I wondered who would become our alpha dog. It seemed that it was meant to be Cloud.

Last year, Cloudee and Ketcher had pups one day apart and when the pups were a few weeks old, I tried to merge them and it worked. Cloud and Ketch shared the duties of both litters and we had two moms and one big litter. I am quite proud of this because it is rare that momma dogs can get along so well with the other momma dogs in the pack. Cloud has produced nice type and beautiful moving pups with awesome temperaments.

Cloudee (4 Months)