Fast Forward - Into the Future

The vision of our future is for all our dogs to live to be at least 10 years old. Can we reach that goal? I guess time will tell. Will our world with all the toxins and pollutants destroy our longevity for all living things? I hope you will think about the future of us, our children, grandchildren and all living things and do us a favor.

Do your part to make this world a better place. Do your part to be as compassionate and caring as my Bernese Mountain Dogs are. Do your part to help others. Do your part to smile and wag that tail every day. Do your part to reuse, recycle and do away with chemicals and toxins in our world.

Maybe if we each do a little more we will fast forward into a brighter future and one with old Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Sasee lived to be over 9 years old

Hannah lived to be 11 years old

Chloee lived to be almost 8 years old

Windee lived to be almost 12 years old