Hubba Bubba's Into the Fire "Ivar"

Smiling Var



American & Canadian Champion
2004 Best Puppy Canadian National Specialty
2004 Reserve Winner’s Dog Canadian National Specialty
2004 Best Opposite in Sweeps Canadian National Specialty
Novice Draft Dog
Brace Novice Draft Dog

DOB: August 29, 2003

AKC – WS07264401
CKC - 1083229

Hips – Good – OFA 12327G25M-PI
Elbows – Normal – OVC 0029846
Heart – Normal – OFA 577/13M
Von Willebrands – 94/11M
Eyes – Clear – CERF 2786
DNA Profile V327692

Ivar is our Norwegian import and from the first moment I met him, he stole my heart. He is a wonderful addition to our family. He is attentive, wanting to learn and please. He has an awesome temperament and movement that is being passed on to his puppies. He is our charmer and social butterfly and a friend to all. He is very entertaining and teases the girls to play with him. His is the forever goofy puppy.  Ivar matured into a wonderful male and produced happy puppies with great movement and character.

Ivar Working on his Novice Draft Dog Title

My Happy Var

So Proud of You Var

“Ivar” always in my Heart and Soul
August 29, 2003 – December 20, 2011
Am/Can Champion Hubba Bubba’s Into the Fire, NDD, BNDD, CGC
Every once in awhile you stumble onto a time and/or event in your life that makes your life forever changed and forever enhanced by that change…………

Dearest Ivar:

I remember oh so well those first emails with your breeder Kjersti in Norway and how excited I was at the possibility of getting a puppy from your Mom, Crazy and your Dad, Finkle. What happened thereafter was my first time to Europe, landing in Frankfurt and traveling on to Oslo and meeting your Norway family and all the friends we made on that trip. My life became so much more meaningful and enriched with you, my dear dear boy. 

Ivar you were my shadow, my love, my heart and what you have done for all of the families who have your puppies is wonderful. Those pups have in turn given your love to many and your happy tail and your smile. You and I traveled many many miles in our quest for your American and Canadian Championships, we went to obedience classes and got you to cart. We had so much fun you and I in all that we did.

You also left me with a part of your soul and your heart and she is always next to me and never far away. I see you in Hannah every day in her eyes, though she is a stinker and you were always only here to please me, not test me (where did she get that, Var?) It was very hard letting you go and you meant a great deal to every dog here. They all have mourned your passing with me a much different way than we have when we have lost a part of us in the past.

I am still trying to understand and can only think that you truly were the top male dog here and your passing left a very very big hole in our pack of dogs. We all miss you terribly and I know that you are happy and you are running free with no pain, you were so brave for so long and you always wagged your tail and you and I had many many times were we just talked and just hugged and just enjoyed our moments and times knowing it was ending, but knowing we could just cuddle and be blessed for each day.

Thank you Kjersti with all my heart for letting me bring Ivar here. Our friendship over the years has meant everything to me. I did not send out a post when Var died because it was so close to the holidays and I had puppies going to their homes and Christmas with my family, I wanted to wait and send this email when it would be easier for all to know he is gone. It will never be the same here, but the memories are forever.
Love, Cindy

Miss You Buddy

Ivar at Nationals in Gettysburg

Am/Can Ch Hubba Bubba's Into The Fire

AKC WS07264401 CKC 1083229 HD: Good & ED: 0/1 DOB: 8/29/03 DOD: 12/16/11 AOD: 8.5 Years Old

Hubba Bubba's Ali Baba

S54221/96 HD A/A ED 0/0 DOB: 10/28/96 DOD: AOD:

Dalaleds Donald

S63571/93 HD A/A ED 0/0 DOB: 1993 AOD: Over 10 Years


S41333/89 HD A/A ED 0/0 DOB: 1989 AOD: Unknown

Dalaleds Bibi

S36861/90 HD A/A ED 0/0 DOB: 1990 AOD: Unknown

Swissmade Babben Bulldozer

S49549/94 HD A/A ED 0/0 DOB: 8/1/94 DOD: 11/2003 AOD: 9 Years

Tiroheimen's Optimus

39336/90 HD A/A ED 0/0 DOB: 1990 AOD: 5 Years (Borella)

Swissmade Hot Orbit

S12434/91 HD A/A ED 0/0 DOB: 1991 AOD: 12 Years

Nallemaja's Janis Joplin

S22485/2000 HD A/A ED 0/0 DOB: 3/7/00 DOD: AOD: 8 Years Old

NSUCH Macis Springsteen

S35401/96 HD A/A ED 0/0 DOB: 5/8/96 , DOD: 4/13/04 AOD Almost 8 Years

SUCH SV-96 Gingerhof Rebel-Rouser

S34398/92 HD A2 ED A2 DOB: 1992 AOD: 9 Years

Odenhills Winjett

S55153/92 HD A2 ED 0/0 DOB: 1992 AOD: 7 Years

Nallemaja's Dangerous Dolly Rawlins

S51568/96 HD A/A ED 0/0 DOB: 9/28/96 AOD: 7 Years

Zandrina's Favour Frazer

S22041/95 HD A/A ED 0/0 DOB: 2/26/95 10 Years

Nallemaja's Alice I Underlandet

S59368/94 HD A/A, ED 0/0 DOB: 1994 AOD: 9 Years

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