Bernerdalens Baileys

Bai -- 8 Weeks Old
Bernerdalens Kennel -- Ljusdal, Sweden
Photo taken before traveling to Norway and then eventually to the West Coast and Werlwind
February 2008


DOB: November 29, 2007
S12356/2008 (Sweden)
AKC – WS26192501 & CKC - 1102149
Hips – Excellent & Elbows – Grade 3
Heart – Normal & Von Willebrands – Clear Parents
Eyes – Clear & DNA Profile V536535

Goofy Gomer

My Boy Who Grins

Baileys comes to us from Bernerdalen Kennel in Ljusdal, Sweden and is my first Bernerdalens male. Baileys is a large boy with a great coat and goofy, Gomer Pile like, personality. He loves to play and is quite a character. He will grin at me when he is very happy and show me all his teeth. I have never had a Berner do this and it always makes me laugh and Bai gets goofier when you laugh at him. He is such a big boy that he does not realize he is so big. He can bump you several feet and look at you like "what?".

Baileys is Kodak's uncle and they are closely related and have some similarities in their personalities. Unfortunately, Baileys' elbows did not clear and he was retired from our program without ever being a part of it. He has no symptoms of elbow dysplasia and we laugh about the fact that he cannot read the reports so he could careless that his elbows are not perfect because you would never know it.

Baileys is working on keeping his bum down while sitting. It is difficult to do when your tail is wagging so hard it makes your bum airborne! Once we get that down we will work more on carting and I am hoping to have my big boys carting and competing soon.

Thank you Lisa and Jörgen for my Bai!

Baileys 5 Years Old

My Dancing Bear

Baby Bai

Bernerdalens Baileys

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