Werlwind's Nicely Done



DOB: June 15, 2007 - DOD:  March 14, 2013
AKC – WS22683601 & CKC - 1102150
Hips – Excellent & Elbows – Normal
Heart – Normal & Von Willebrands – Clear Parents
Eyes – Clear & DNA Profile V536531

Air Stratus!

Stratus 5 Years Old

Stratus is a large boy and has beautiful movement. He is very sweet and adoring. He is smart and can be a boisterous boy. Full of energy, very athletic and agile. He loves to be groomed and he is my most attentive dog when it comes to working with me and training. As he ages and his energy level becomes a bit less of a challenge, he has become the dog that I will be focusing on for draft work. He is retired from our program and not an active breeding male and this has helped with all that energy and now he is becoming my shining star.

When Stratus was younger he earned the nickname of "Air Stratus". I was getting ready to be out of town for a few days and our house/dog sitter was at the house with her two girl dogs and Stratus was up stairs with me. He was about a year old at the time. One of my windows was open and Stratus was convinced that one of the girls was there to be his girlfriend. Lea and her dogs were in the front yard and Stratus leapt from my bed out the window, slid down the steep roof and then leapt off the roof….he landed in the surrounding area of a very large old cedar tree. There were years of cedar debris all around this tree and thus had to have cushioned his tuck and roll landing. Well, that was it…"Air Stratus" was born…again and did not suffer any residual effects from this dare devil act.