Abel Bruno Vom Ruetzelen

Dearest Bruno,

I still remember like yesterday the day I first met you. You came up to me and the sat on the end of my legs and looked over your shoulder and grinned at me. It was the grin that won my heart. I do not know if there will ever be words to tell you how much you changed my life. I look around and see all the black fur balls and know they are in my life because of you. There is but one “first Berner” in one’s life and you were Mine. You taught me so much, we did so many firsts together you and I. There is no better friend than one that teaches and you my friend were the master of new direction for me. Without you I would not have Windee, I would not have Katee, without you I would not have competed in obedience, carting, confirmation, etc., without you I would not be a breeder of Bernese Mountain Dogs, without you there would be no Werlwind Bernese and without you, Bruno, I cannot imagine my life today without all you left me.

Because of you Bruno, I am rich with a happy heart, rich with friendships and I am rich and blessed with our Windee, Katee, Raynee, Sasee and Hannah. Because of you I traveled a dream come true to find Ivar and Ivar is so much like you Bruno, sometimes I call him Bru. I do not think he minds, cause he knows that special spot in my heart too.

With you Bruno I am a better person today and will forever try to be the person you think I am. I will always do my best to live up to all you gave me and do my best for Berners everywhere.

We miss you buddy,
Mom, Windee, Katee, Raynee and Sasee


Bruno earned the following titles in his short lifetime.  Bruno was never used in any breeding program even though he had good orthopedics. 

American/Canadian Companion Dog
Novice Draft Dog
Brace Novice Draft Dog
Draft Dog
Brace Draft Dog (3rd in the USA)
Canadian Draft Dog
Canadian Draft Dog Excellent

April 13, 1997 - February 14, 2002
Euthanized after battling Lymphoma 

Thanks to Hans & Linda Simon for allowing me to adopt Bruno.
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