Be A Great Teacher


Werlwind Bernese uses “Win Win” positive teaching approach to training our Bernese and supporting our puppy families. All our puppy families are given the Ultimate Puppy Tool Kit to begin teaching and learning about positive training. We reward our dogs for the good behavior or the behaviors we want to see over and over again. We ignore the unwanted behavior. An example:

Puppy is sitting quietly – Reward with treats or pets or praise
Puppy is barking – no action, remove yourself, leave the room, no eye contract, no verbal interaction
This kind of teaching/training brings out the most in our dogs and puppies, the desire to please and to have that eye contact and verbal praise is very rewarding to Bernese. They are a breed that wants to please. It is our belief that all dogs are individual and all dogs have the ability to learn and process differently. Our puppy families are encouraged to “step up” and find what works for their dogs for success.

We support our families and our families are shown how easy basic training is to teach. We are available for special training and assistance to all our pups. We also schedule periodic drafting/carting clinics for our dogs to teach carting skills and teach your dog its most important job, the one in which Bernese were bred to do – Pull Carts.

We also believe strongly that you are teaching your dog to be a great dog and proper canine good citizen in your world. This means they have manners and you get complimented on how well behaved your dog is, which reflects over the breed more than you will ever know. Teaching and Training is critical.

Those that go on to compete or participate in the conformation, obedience, rally obedience, agility, drafting/carting, backpacking, tracking and herding are supported and encouraged to always have FUN! The most important thought to always hold onto is your dog is doing this for YOU. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO SHOW YOUR DOG HOW WELL THEY DID AND ARE DOING FOR YOU!

It is upsetting to me when I see handlers reacting negatively in any competition. So sad when the anger and frustration in humans goes down that lead to our wonderful dogs. Shame on anyone who does that to our beloved friends!

Enjoy the photos of our competitions and remember a Werlwind puppy comes complete with a personal trainer ---- ME! Refer to our resource page for some great resources and my published articles.