Am/Can CH Werlwind's Quite The Ketch




American Champion
Canadian Champion

DOB: January 5, 2008
AKC – WS24986601 & CKC - 1102153
Hips – Excellent & Elbows – Normal
Heart – Normal & Von Willebrands – Clear Parents
Eyes – Clear & DNA Profile V536691
DM- Clear & BG#60132 
Ketch is our sweet girl who always has a smile on her face and wiggle in her tail wag. She is my first dog to earn her championship out of the bred by exhibitor class. She is a great momma dog and an active dog in our program. She has several Best of Breed placements and several Best Bred By Exhibitor placements as well. She is currently working on her Grand Championship points and will also earn a drafting title in the near future. She is a natural drafting dog, like her dad, Stoller, and loves to show like her mom, Sasee.

When Ketch was younger, I would tease her and caller her "Ketcher Ketcher, Ketcher if you can". Which was fun at the time, but it sure backfired when it came to obedience training! My quiet girl who I find myself saying, Ketch are you here? She always is and is just quietly somewhere. Ketcher is on a forever diet as she looks at food and gains weight, I guess we have that gene in common! Sneaks food and then lives on green beans and carrots. She is always happy and willing to work! Ketcher has produced lovely pups, with great movement and solid toplines.  Ketcher's pups love to work!

Young Ketcher

Working Ketcher

Ketcher and I began her carting career this year and she is a true natural carting dog.  We did a crash course and competed in our local draft tests.  The judges were in awe of her natural grace and style.  She was born to cart and will follow in her parents paw prints.  Both Stoller and Sasee were beautiful carting dogs and came by it all so naturally.  We will have many draft tests in our future!
Ketcher, I know you can do this and you can cart better than most.  Shall we do it? Yes!
Can you catch a treat?
Left:  Stoller and Ketcher     Right: Great Grandma Wispa (13+ in 2012) & Ketcher

Bottom:  Klaus & Ketcher (4 year old siblings)
Stoller, Hannah & Ketcher
June 2012

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NHSB2510790 H-Good, El-Normal 2004-2012 AOD: 8

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NHSB 2468800 2002-2011

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DK05399/98 HD: C AA: 0 1998-2009 AOD: 11

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S43685/2000, WR00726701, CKC1078970 HD GDC Excellent, ED Normal DOB: 6/29/00 DOD: AOD:

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LOSH 0649124 HD C DOB: 6/20/90 AOD : Almost 13 Years

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