Hannah Marie

Every now and then a true dog of the heart comes along....Werlwind's Hope For Tomorrow is one of those dogs.  When she was 3 weeks old she began to paw at me.  When she was a few weeks older I told her that she could not stay with me because she did not have a freckle on her nose.  She must have spoken to the angels that night because the next day she had her freckle.  I told the evaluators to show no mercy in their evaluations.  They said she was one of the best I had bred.  I guess Hannah and I knew all along there was a special bond.  No matter where I am you can always find Hannah close by.  If I am outside she is watching from the window.  We are truly one in heart.

Ch Werlwind's Hope For Tomorrow

With Her Freckle


American Champion
Novice Draft Dog, Brace Novice Draft Dog
Draft Dog & Brace Draft Dog
Canine Good Citizen

DOB: October 4, 2005
AKC – WS14999301 & CKC - 1092658
Hips – Excellent & Elbows – Normal
Heart – Normal & Von Willebrands – Clear Parents
Eyes – Clear & DNA Profile V224302
Hannah is not a large girl.  She is very correct and has beautiful movement.  She will always place her paws perfectly.  She has dark eyes that tell her story.  She has a long thick straight coat.  Hannah is very intense in everything she does and strives to do it perfect. She watches for every que and is a quick learner.  You better be one step ahead of her or she will beat you to the punch line everytime.  She also has taken on the role of our party police.  She keeps everyone in line and yet still plays with the pack and loves to talk and wiggle on her back all over.  Hannah produced two puppies, Brinkley and Maggie. Sadly, she had an emergency C-section and suffered uterine torsion. Her daughters are lovely and are so like their mom.