Bernerdalens Kodak

Kodak at 8 weeks old in the kitchen of Lisa and Jörgen
Ljusdal, Sweden

Thank you Lisa and Jörgen for my Kodak Moment!

Enjoy My Kodak Moments

Our first leg of our journey -- a hotel near Stockholm and the airport. 
Below Kodak asks "Momma, is there room for me?"

Making Sure He Got Packed

Kodak comes to us from Bernerdalen Kennel in Ljusdal, Sweden. He is our baby and our newest addition to our program. He is the sweetest boy. He is also "all boy" and can be wild and crazy. He loves to play and torment the younger girls. He loves to eat water out of the garden hose and he helps to pick the berries. He loves strawberries and raspberries and I have to beg him not to eat all my blueberries!

I feel very blessed that Lisa and Jörgen Nilsson have shared their dogs with me! We are hopeful that Kodak will enjoy the ring and showing and will work with me on many competitions as he grows up. Enjoy my Kodak Moment!

Kodak on the Farm