Sas Cat

Werlwind's Alpine Attitude

Sas Placed 3rd and 4th in Veterans Classes in Del Mar, California in 2011 Nationals
(almost 9 years old)



American and Canadian Champion
Novice Draft Dog, Brace Novice Draft Dog
Open Draft Dog, Brace Open Draft Dog
Companion Dog
Canadian Companion Dog
Canadian Draft Dog
American & Canadian Versatility Dog
Multimple Best of Breed Placements
Group Placements
Best In Show Brace
Canine Good Citizen

First Sierra West Triathlon Award Winner

BrownTrout Calendar Girl September 2009

DOB: September 4, 2002

AKC – WR07137902
CKC - 1078949

Hips – Good – OFA 11542G25F
Elbows – Normal – OFA EL4063F25
Heart – Normal – OFA 437/16F
Von Willebrands – Clear Parents
Eyes – Clear – CERF 2448
DNA Profile V284982


Sasee is also the beginning of our second generation down from Katee. Sasee is my racing dog and can out run anything -- anytime -- everywhere. We call her “the Streak” or Too Fast Sas. Sas is producing wonderful water loving puppies with great temperaments and movement. Sas came into my life as my “Saving Grace” and helped me through the loss of my first berner. She cuddles like a cat and loves to be held in your lap. Sasee is always ready to learn something new -- she is enthusiastic and eager about everything. Sasee has produce Champions and Working Dogs and is known for movement, type and beauty.

Sasee is my top winning dog and excelled in everything!  She was a natural at carting and won several veteran awards.  She earned Best Veteran and an Award of Merit at the Sierra West Regional in 2009 and Best Opposite Veteran in Portland at the BMDCO supported entry in July 2011 at almost 9.  She earned her Canadian Versatility Award as a Veteran. 

Sasee in Del Mar, CA

Sierra West Triathalon Award Winner

Sasee – September 4, 2002 – October 24, 2011

Every now and then you find a friend…a friend who is so smiley and so tail waggy that you never think one day the friend will be gone. How do you say goodbye, how do you take all the good times and make sense of one fast week that takes your best friend.

One July 4th weekend in 2002 we ventured to Redding, California to do a breeding. It was hot and we stayed inside the hotel in the AC room. I remember watching the fireworks from afar out the window of that room. Bruno, Windee, Katee, our hopeful mom to be, and baby Raynee. The breeding was successful and on the very next holiday weekend we were expecting Katee’s first litter of pups. My dear friend Maria graciously agreed to keep us as traveling across the border on a holiday weekend meant that we may be in trouble if things were not going well. After being up all night with Katee, the pups began to arrive midmorning. 5 girls and 4 boys arrived that day all naturally born and all thriving.

I was not planning on keeping a puppy, but after a big to do with a couple of potential puppy owners who I fired, I found two pups that needed a home. Of course I had fallen in love with one of those pups. She was my first naturally born girl puppy and she was adorable. I decided to name her Alpine Attitude, hoping she would be not as quiet and reserved as her mom, Katee. I remember sitting at Rachel and Keith’s house, were we spent the night and dropped off all the Seattle area pups, Kincaide, Brewster and Bella, left Alee further up north on the way down, and as we watched the remaining pups run around for a bit before we headed south and on home; I could not come up with a name for little Miss Alpine Attitude….but it came to me..Sasee. Though a dog never further from that name, an elegant quiet lady through and through.
Sas …SasCat, my Kitten

There are no words to share the heartbreak, no words to share the grief, no words as to why, just words to say, I love you with all my heart and I am so sad we had to end what we had for more than 9 years. How can I find the words to share with all of you the wonder of Sasee…

Sasee and I enjoyed a long show career. She was an American and a Canadian Champion. She was a multiple Best of Breed winner, multiple Best Opposite to Best of Breed and was a Group placing girl too.
She earned many many drafting titles and perhaps some of our most fun moments in obedience ring. She earned her first qualifying obedience score and her first draft title at one of the early Sierra West Regionals 7 years ago. The club was offering a trophy for a Triathalon Winner. That dog would earn a draft title, a qualifying score in obedience and place in classes in the show ring. Sasee did it! And she was the only dog who did. Funny Raynee was her competition, but Raynee decided to find out who her fans were in obedience and went visiting.  We came home with a stunning heavy and very large hand painted crystal vase with berners on it. It took us two more years to get that obedience title, one a year.
Our final qualifying score came a tiny show in Southern Oregon in August on the cliffs of a river. When we were told we qualified and we got third place, I bent down to hug her and when I stood up I stepped on my dress and ripped all the buttons off to just above my knees. I had to use my berner label pin to make myself decent to show the rest of the dogs in the show in ring….

That qualifying score earned Sasee her American Versatility award! She is my first American Versatility Dog.

Then came our Veteran shows where she always placed 1st or 2nd and won so many. She was Best Veteran and an Award of Merit winner a couple of years ago again at the Sierra West Regional show in California. This year we were going to go, but puppies due changed all that and I guess perhaps Mother Nature knew what was coming.

Young Sasee

Last year Sas and I went back up to Canada to work on her Canadian Versatility Award and she began by earning an obedience qualifying score and a drafting award at the National show and then that fall, just last fall, we went back worked hard to earn those final obedience scores and we did it, I think the judge gods were favoring us as we are not pretty or good at obedience but I really do not care much about that, the joy of doing what you love with your best friend for me far out weighs how we got our end result.

Sasee became my first dual Versatility winner. I am so proud of her. This year she also was Best Opposite Veteran in our local Portland show with tuff competition and she was just on the edge of going into the older dog class.

I am so pleased we had her Birthday party and I am so blessed I had over 9 beautiful years with a dog that seemed to be healthy until 10 days ago.

My Gorgeous Sas

I was going to go up north to see my dogs and missed my flight….the security was about 3 times longer at 5 a.m. than I had ever seen it in my life and I did not make the flight, Sas had not wanted her food. So disappointment in missing my flight but thankful to get home to Sas. She had a temp and on Monday we started looking for the problem. A mass was found in her chest pushing on her esphogus and she had lymph node involvement. From Monday to Thursday the mass grew. We gave her all the feel good drugs we could and she ate here and there until yesterday. She still got up and trotted everywhere, but yesterday she was collapsing when she stopped.

Win in Calgary - Young Sas

Sas was my gentle soul, my grace and my beauty. She started carting by running over me everywhere. I had so many bruises and sore feet. But when she decided to be my teammate the grace kicked in and she was beautiful to watch when we competed.

Sas made sure every time we had pups that she would help and clean them when they first come home and the momma dogs were getting settled in, she always was there to clean and inspect the pups. She loved being a momma dog.

Katee and Sasee

Sas with her grace and flowing drafty movement, Sas with a toy in her mouth or whatever she could find to carry around, Sas on her back rolling around in the grass, Sas sitting on me when I am trying to paint the fence, Sas with blackberries all over her mouth from picking the berries. Sas…to fast Sas, I used to call her and I guess right now that is exactly how I feel Sas -- it was just too fast…………I miss you and I know you are giving all the messages we talked about yesterday to Bruno and Winnie and your Momma Kate and share those toys okay and do not argue with Chlo, be good sisters and most of all tell Mooshy how sorry I am that I did not figure it out sooner.

Our Last Nationals Together

I love you Sas and miss you so very very very much………….mom

Am/Can Ch Doremis Globetrotter Von Ask

S43685/2000, WR00726701, CKC1078970 HD GDC Excellent, ED Normal DOB: 6/29/00 DOD: AOD:

Multi Ch Stenhojdens Askar Von Wix

S51910/98 SKK HD 0/0, ED 0/0 DOB: 9/23/98 DOD: AOD

Multi CH Odenhills Werner Wix

S55149/92 SKK HD 0/0, ED 0/0 DOB: 7/27/92 AOD: 8 Years

LP Such Odenhills Tracy

S24761/92 /SKK HD 0/0, ED 0/0 DOB: 1992 AOD: 9.5 Years

Multi CH Doremis Zorba Zafin

S16154/98 SKK HD A/A, ED 0/0, WH 68 DOB: 5/94 DOD: 8/18/05 AOD: 7.5 Years

Such Doremis Tabasco Birkson

S25315/96 SKK HD 0/0, ED 0/0 DOB: 2/27/96 DOD: Living

LP Such Nuch Slch Sanddynans Eyra

S27885/93 SKK HD 0/0, ED 0/0 DOB: 1993: AOD: 9 Years

Can Ch Meadow Woods Bless Her Heart

AKC WP93394501 CKC 1071578 HD: Excellent ED: Normal DOB: 8/11/99 DOD: 12/15/07 AOD: 7.5 Years Old

Can Ch Sennengardens Chevalier

Swedish Import AKC WP581066601 HD: Good ED: Normal DOB: 4/28/94 DOD: 10/2/01 AOD: 7.5 Years Old

SUCH Dalaleds Bamse

Such Dalaleds Bamse SKK S36859/90 HD 0/0, ED 0/0 DOB: 4/5/90 DOD: 6/22/00 AOD: 10 Years

Sennengardens Usassa

SKK S64074/91 HD 0/0, ED 0/0 AOD: 10 Years

Ulize Vom Vieraugler

LOSH 980189, WP923972/01 HD GDC Excellent E/D 0/0 DOB: 7/4/96 DOD: 6/24/01 AOD: 5 Years (Gastric Trosion/Bloat

Shawdow Van'T Beeltjes Box

LOSH 0730850 HD B AOD: Unknown

Int Ch/VDH Ch Oskalyna Vom Vieraugler

LOSH 0649124 HD C DOB: 6/20/90 AOD : Almost 13 Years

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