Werlwind's Oh Oh Olivia



DOB: October 23, 2011
AKC – WS39073601
 DNA Profile V655098

Olivia 10 Months Old

Olivia is one of our baby girls. Liv is beautiful and is now learning how to be a show girl. She is a Cloudee daughter and we are hoping she will become the beginning of our 4th generation from our home. She has growing up to do! Liv enjoys teasing the cats and playing. She loves to wrestle with her ½ sister Kittee Kat and Kodak. You can always find the trio of youngsters somewhere all together. Livee is smart and like her great grandma Windee, as a very young pup, figured out how to open the back door. She often comes as goes as she wants to. Lil Stinker!

Practicing 1st Show