Werlwind's Memorials

This section is dedicated to all the animals that influenced my life and there are so many over the years. The dogs, horses, cats, as well as, my hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, rabbits, ducks, chickens, pigs, and of course my grandpa’s milk cows.

My love of dogs must have begun with Rex, my first dog. Rex was a purebred Boxer and I adored him. He wore a harness and as a child (the youngest kid on the street) I was allowed to wonder to the neighbors and my grandparents as long as Rex was with me. Rex had a rule and if I let go of his harness he would knock me down until I took the harness again. No better teacher for a kid than a dog. One day I was looking for my mom and I could not find her at my grandma's house down the street, so I just keep on looking. Rex and I ended up in town across the street from my dad’s gas station. Our town was small, very very rural in those days. A gentleman assisted us across the street and the guys at the station of course knew who we were and Rex and I waited patiently for my parents to arrive. My dad ended up in the dog house big time for not watching Rex and I and to this day I smile at that one! This was a story told to me over and over again by the neighbors who would never forget me and my Rex and our adventures. I also have to thank my mom for allowing me no end to the animals in my life! 

This section is a celebration of the life of Werlwind Bernese. The loss of our dearest friends is always difficult, but their memories always treasured and shared.

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