Jessee Dog

Our Bernese Herder

Jessee adopted me when she was a puppy and has become the keeper of our Bernese. She loves trying to boss the dogs around and of course she thinks she is a Bernese. She loves playing with the puppies when they are older and come to visit. She does not like it when they do not allow her to herd them.

Jess & Her Berners

Our Jess

September 9, 1995 - January 18, 2010

My Tribute to a grand ole dog. Cowdog or cattle dog………….or Jessee. Over 14 years ago, I found myself for the first time dogless………..what a word, meaning with out dog………..what is with Dog???

My 15 and 16 year old dogs had passed the ones that grew up with my kids, you would always find me driving, Rowdy in the shotgun seat and Misty inbetween the boys in the back seat…..hum. Well at that dogless point, my mother got a puppy from a friend and I went each morning and each evening to play with her. One day my mother said to me …. “Why don’t you take this dog, she cannot hardly wait to see you in the morning and she is beside herself when you come home at night.” I said well, I will take her for the weekend and we will see…. Of course we lived next door, you know she never went back and she never hung out at Moms…………

The last couple of years since moving to the Big Dog House, I have wondered if she was going to make it. There have been many times when I thought her time was near but she rallied. Thank you Carol for our talk on understanding the mentality of this breed of dog, even though mixed, her drive to be our dog was strong and I really think now that was what kept her going this long. I have been up and down struggling with whether it was time or not…The time came

Dear Jessee,

You were always the odd ball, always in the middle, you found early on that trying to herd puppies was not your idea of good livestock. They just would not cooperate. All the trips and times you were there and I think you probably wondered when Bruno came along what was happening………..But he was your big buddy and then pesky Wind and Katee. We were a family of four and all the adventures that we had and the fact that you had to be more social or the berners would get it all, I think made you come out of your shell and be the dog that was in the middle and stood her ground. You were a big part of all that came to you and me and you have seen the beginning or Werlwind and the journey of our dogs and you my dear girl were a big part of all that and so much more. The dog that never went to the vet, never complained, and was always on guard of her family. The dog that went on many trail rides with me………….that CowDog………….rest in peace my dear girl, I know Bruno and Wind and Katee were so excited to see you. I know that you are running free and happy with your buddies.
Always and forever, love mom……….. 

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