Raynee Day on her 10th Birthday

Whidbey and Raynee enjoy their meatloaf cake with mashed potato frosting
Raynee with one of her birthday gifts!
Four out of this litter of 11 pups celebrated their 10th birthday!

Werlwind's Zusa Rayne



International Champion
Novice Draft Dog, Brace Novice Draft Dog
Draft Dog & Brace Draft Dog
Canine Good Citizen – Herding Instinct Certificate
DOB: January 26, 2002 - DOD: November 15, 2013
AKC – WR05877701 & CKC - 1077329
Hips – Good – OFA 11172G26F &  Elbows – Normal – OFA EL3781F26
Heart – Normal – OFA 318/12F &  Von Willebrands – Clear Parents
Eyes – Clear – CERF 2442 &  DNA Profile V224302


Raynee and Windee (her mom)

Raynee Day is the beginning of our second generation. She is the first puppy who has been with me everyday of her life. Raynee is smart and stubborn, loving and goofy. She is a large girl with substance, a solid top line and rich mahogany coloring. She has produced wonderful temperaments, movement and size in her pups. She is our Clown and when it is time for her to go to bed and I am on “her couch” or another dog is on “her bed” she will start a spin, jump and talking routine until the perpetrator “gets it” and moves. After all she needs her rest!

One funny Raynee story -- I had a little commuter car that had a hatch-back with the cover over the trunk area.  One day I was unloading groceries out of that trunk and I came out for another bag and the hatch was closed.  I unlocked it and opened up the hatch and out Sprang a Raynee Jack-In-The-Box!  She had jumped in and the door had closed.  I can still feel that shocked feeling as I opened the hatch and she unsprung herself.  If only we had a video of that moment.