Werlwind's First Lady

Windee Marie



Canadian/International Champion Meadow Wood Xquisit Werlwind
American/Canadian Companion Dog – American Draft Dog, American Brace Draft Dog
Canadian Draft Dog Excellent, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Draft Dog
Canine Good Citizen – Herding Instinct Certificate
Canadian Versatility Dog

Cover of BMDCA 1999 Yearbook

DOB: November 5, 1997

AKC – WP81951803
CKC - 1071968
Hips – Excellent -GDC15579H17EN
Elbows – Normal – GDC15579E17N
Heart – Normal – OFA
Von Willebrands – Clear – OFA
Eyes – Clear – CERF
DNA Profile P37211

Windee has produced pups with good overall health stats, wonderful temperaments, awesome working abilities and nice movement. Winnie and I have a working relationship that is beyond words. When you can speak with gestures and without words and with eye contact --- that is the ultimate team -- the ultimate bond between woman and dog. Windee is also Werlwind’s First Veteran.


9 Year Old Wind

Lovin Snow

My Wind

No Greater Gift –Than an Old Dog

Dearest Win,

Do you remember the first time we saw each other? At your litter evaluation --Sara was holding you and I was talking to you and playing with you while I held your sister. You were sparkling then and you and I connected in a way that even you and I did not quite gasp for an 8 week old stinker and person so new to the world you would open for me. From that moment on my life was about to become the Werlwind that is now all of us.

At your evaluation your tail spun in a whirl and the evaluater proclaimed you a very smart little girl. That statement certainly did not do you justice because I have come to realize you were brilliant.

That tail oh that tail. It has become a trademark of many Werlwind dogs – that fierce whirling tail that you have passed on to so many. When I took you home and sat with the dictionary to try to come up with an “X” name – the tail kept coming back, that whirling tail. Somehow during the many hours of pondering names it finally evolved in to my Meadow Woods Xquisit Werlwind. AKC had that letter limit and thus we creatively spelled Werlwind and Xquisit was a better word without the “e”s that previously adored it. Wow thinking back now on all that, I guess a postcard from heaven knew just how Xquisit you are. After having you in my life a short time the dreams began of having a kennel and beginning it with the offspring of such an Xquisit stinker who we called Windee – Not because of the Wind, but because of the talk --- She always had something to say or something to do. So to tie it all together we had our Xquisit Werlwind to begin our Kennel and thus the Wind became our First Lady Windee. The double ees also began a tradition of our dog’s names.

Bruno did not know quite what to make of you my little Wind. But he soon found that you were infectious and we could not go or do anything without you in the middle and we loved your spirit and your spunk. Even the cats loved you and felt loved when you tormented them.

I still remember like it was today – how you liked to HIDE—Do you remember when you did not want to come inside how you would hide behind the garbage can or hide in the Rhododendrons? That tail tip always gave you away! You would not come out until I said “Windee, I see you in the Rhodies or Windee I see your tail behind the garbage can….Brilliant. Or how about when you would get Bruno to chase you around the stumps when I was cleaning the horses and the barn—and you would run fast and dive behind something and I would watch poor Bruno race around bewildered looking for you. Brilliant.

Wind, I do not think I ever saw you not smile or not wag your tail. I remember so well trying to groom you and bathe you and blow dry you – you hated your paws done but would allow it but would kiss me to death trying to make me laugh and quit.

Our first Werlwind pups…………I remember like yesterday when they cried out and we looked at each other in bewilderment, what do we do??? I told you you should know and of course you did!  You continued to clean and check all the pups that came after your first three litters that began Werlwind and continued it to this day. We are embarking on 5 generations this year, at least we hope and if not this year then surely next year. I still am amazed at how you took our home and our pack of dogs and governed with those lovely paws of yours. You had the respect of all, no one dared cross you. You ruled right to the end, our First Lady. Who will take over? Will we all fall apart? Oh Windee send me a post card from heaven and let me know what will become of us. Let me know how our pack will reorganize without you. Last year marked four generations under this roof and boy I am so thankful you were able to be apart of our farm, that you could help get us to our new beginning together. Now we have our younger dogs that know only this old farm house. I think you were quite happy with our move, your own bathroom and special spots.

Young Wind

I have wondered many times if there would ever be a dog that can draft as well as you did. I have yet to see a team that I think worked like you and Bruno did. You both painstakingly worked in unison, photos proved this as you never saw two pairs of legs only one set. At that test in San Diego when you and Bruno and I earned that Brace Draft Dog – 3rd team in the U.S. – we had folks crying around the ring……. I remember we did our basic control work and I had Bruno on the inside because he would do a better job of keeping you in line for the obedience and he did. Though I know you were a bit peeved about that part. Then I positioned you and went out of the ring for the cart and harness. When I began to harness both of you, I realized I had forgotten to move you and Bruno around as for carting work I put Bruno on the outside, again to keep you n line. So I just decided I would place you after harnessing --- But what happened next stunned me and the crowd. When I said to stand, after you both were harnessed, you both did circles and positioned yourselves exactly the way you were supposed to be, had I not messed up. I almost died, right there and then, it was BRILLIANT --- something you both had never done but it was simply Brilliant. On to our maneuvering we went and when you were trying to pull Miss Independence, I asked Bruno to bring you closer to work with me and hit your shoulder so hard you jumped a foot, again the crowd just Aweeeed at what Bruno did and how you understood to mind your ps and qs. It was amazing to watch you work in the fields and with the horses as you pulled your 180 lbs of weights and amazing to see you both work so well together. Brilliant and it happened to us.

The other fabulous accomplishment was the Canadian Draft Dog Excellent test. Way back when only a few dogs had passed. Teaching you to work with me behind the cart was a challenge but once I decided to let you and Bruno cart with out any instruction, you figured out how to work with out me. Remembering oh so fondly the day you chased that rabbit into the blackberries, could only see the back of your cart. I wondered how you would get out of there………you jumped straight up and BACK a few times and out you came………………….and off you went. Just BRILLIANT (not a word said)

There will always be a huge hole in my life and my heart. There will always be pain and tears, but also smiles and many many memories.

I knew yesterday was coming, but it wasn’t supposed to come yesterday. I knew when I saw you that it was time. I could not let you suffocate to death. You are at peace my wonderful Windee, my Brilliant friend who took me to places and made dreams realities and we did it together, we began what is now such a wonderful group of dogs and people, we did this you and I and Raynee and Sasee will help me take this to the next levels the generations of the first daughters.

One day I will see you all again and I will see that smile and tail and be graced with the love of an old dog once again. Wind, with all my heart and soul, I love you till it hurts, Thank you for you and thank you for all you did for me.

Always in my heart and in my soul,


Thank you Daryl and Krista and Marusha and Bamse for my Wind
Can Ch Meadow Wood Xquisit Werlwind,
Can Companion Dog, Can Draft Dog Excellent, Canadian Versatility Dog
Am Companion Dog, Novice Draft Dog, Brace Novice Draft Dog, Draft Dog, Brace Draft Dog (No. 3) Novice Draft Dog again at age 10.5 and Brace Draft dog with Daughter Raynee, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Open Draft Dog……….I could go on and on but the Lady Did It All and Taught me so much…

11-5-97 to 7-29-09

11 years and 8 months old – euthanized due to possible pulmonary fibrosis, not able to breathe – complicated by the heat. No other diagnostics will be done as Windee was well up until the very end. Other suspected issues could have been tumors or such in her lungs, but there was no down hill……just the end and only a very short time of a few days during which I knew the end was near.

Marusha & Windee

Can Ch Meadow Wood Xquisit Werlwind

AKC WP81951803 CKC 1071968 HD: Excellent ED: Normal DOB: 11/5/97 DOD: 7/29/2009 AOD: Almost 12 Years Old

Can Ch Sennengardens Chevalier

Swedish Import AKC WP581066601 HD: Good ED: Normal DOB: 4/28/94 DOD: 10/2/01 AOD: 7.5 Years Old

SUCH Dalaleds Bamse

Such Dalaleds Bamse SKK S36859/90 HD 0/0, ED 0/0 DOB: 4/5/90 DOD: 6/22/00 AOD: 10 Years

JoJan’s Shomron II

SKK N23793/85 HD A2/A2 ED 0/0 DOB: 2/17/85 AOD: 10.5 Years

Sennengardens Yoysan

SKK S67436/85 HD A2/A2 ED 0/0 DOB: 1985 AOD: 10 Years

Sennengardens Usassa

SKK S64074/91 HD 0/0, ED 0/0 AOD: 10 Years

Macis Hayden

SKK S15905/89 HD 0/0 ED 0/0 DOB: 1989 AOD 10 Years

Clangulas Pomperipossa

SKK S43978/87 HD 0/0 ED 0/0 DOB: 1987 AOD 10 Years

Can Ch Qmarusha Vom Vieraugler

LOSH 699075 AKC WP50054401 HD: Good ED: 1/0 DOB: 12/9/92 DOD: 6/24/04 AOD: 11.5 Years Old

Burre V D Speelhout

Burre V D Speelhout NHSB 1 630 321 HD A AOD: 9 Years

Int CH Gaston v. Nesselacker

SHSB 974451 HD A DOB: 2/4/84 AOD 7.5 Years

Delphi V D Bernerhove

NHSB 1 286 638 HD A AOD: 11

Int Ch Marusha Vom Vieraugler

LOSH 613445 HD A AOD: 12.5 Years

Deoef Ylice V ‘T Oude Veer

NHSB 1 363 978 HD A DOB: 10/26/84 AOD (Older)

Happy Van Het Bressershof

LOSH 511551 HD B AOD 10.9 Almost 11 Years

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