May 3 - Werlwind's J litter turns 9 years old
Happy Birthday to Angus, Mason, Oliver, Maia Rose, Heidi & Josie

May 25 - Werlwind's L2 litter turn 4 years old
Happy Birthday to Cocoa, Sugar, Bertie, Laika, Ellie, Lu, Skoal, Parker & Boris

2013 BMDCA Nationals - Loveland, Colorado

Ketcher - Olivia - Hannah - Kodak

Ketcher - Olivia - Hannah - Kodak

Loveland, Colorado -- Here We Come!


Our success speak volumes to all the of "Team Werlwind"!  I am so proud of all the dogs and all the owners who supported the wonderful group we had with us in Loveland,  Colorado at the 2013 Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America's National Specialty!

Our Team headed out 2 and 3 days before the beginning of the specialty.  We all were texting and staying in touch the entire trip, which made is so much fun!  In conjunction with Team Summers (aka Team Abbott) and Team Lavendar Hills, we all worked very hard to have all the success we had!  Below are a few of the photos that were taken on the day we left Colorado to venture home, a very long two-day trek!  Some photos were taken in Colorado and some were taken in our home state, Oregon!

Great big thanks to all Team Werlwind, without all of you and your help, we would not have had so many nice dogs to show and they all came home with specialty Ribbons!!!!! It is said over and over again, to come home with a piece of the Nationals is a great honor, and to come home with so many success is absolutely "OVER THE TOP"!

Great Big Thank You to Paulette for all her lovely photos!!! Thank you to all the Werlwind Team who helped me and especially helped with my dogs, while I was in the ring, THANK YOU!!!  Kodak sends his love and thanks to Paulette and Yoshi who were there when he needed them! 

Actual show photos will be up soon of all the dogs and our friends too!

Bernerdalens Kodak - Best Junior Puppy 2013 Nationals

My Kodak Moment Rocked It!!! Kodak won his class in puppy sweeps, handled by my dear dear friend, Anne Summers (Ketcher and I were in drafting at the same time).  After winning his class Kodak went on to win Best Junior Puppy!!! What an honor and WOW, at Nationals.  Thank you so much Anne!!!

Kodak and his Ribbons

My Smiling Kodak Moment